Chairman of the Organization  - Brigadier General (Res.) Ami Morag


Ami Morag was born in Israel in 1945. He grew up on Kibbutz Kefar Hamacabi. During the six day war as a platoon leader (Res.)  he participated in the Jordan river’s crossing and capturing Syrian outposts northeast of the Sea of Galilee. In September 1967 he reenlisted into the armored corps. During the attrition war he fought along the Suez canal. Morag created and trained tank’s battalion 599 in 421 brigade. At the outbreak of the Yom Kippur war he enlisted his unit and fought across the Suez canal area. Following the war he received the rank of Lt. Colonel and awarded medal of honor . During the first Lebanon war he was deputy commander of 479 army, and fought in the Golan Heights and at the end of the war was and responsible for rebuilding the tank unit which was destroyed during the war. Morg was appointed as a division commander and also completed his BA and MA in geography. Ami is the father of 4 children and grandfather of 9 grandchildren. His son Edan has also received a medal of honor for his actions during the second Lebanon war, where he served as tank company commander in the 7 brigade.


General Manager – Mrs. Hana shavit

 Chairman of the Finance committeeAmnon Rofe

Chairman of the Control board - Dr. Ricardo Kohen

Treasurer Yehuda Romano

Chairman of the Welfare committee - Ran Dansky

Welfare committee - Esti Shiber, Malca Shimshony, Ruthi Aizenboum, Ruth Lipovzky, Nehama Ariel

 Speaker of the Organization – Avi Shmul