Activities of Yahad non profit organization

At the time of enlistment lone soldiers are recruited into Yahad by our volunteer representatives who spread our message and by word of mouth.

The soldiers come to Yahad, register, and are issued a membership card. At the Yahad center soldiers enjoy free meals, they have access to a library, musical instruments are at their disposal, they can relax with friends and exchange new experiences.

At the Yahad center they receive:

a. Assistance in finding suitable residence and help in moving in.
b. Assistance in buying furniture and electrical appliances.
c. Assistance with the bureaucratic labyrinth both civilian and military.
d. They receive home cooked meals when they are on weekend leaves.
e. Help in finding employment upon their discharge.

  • Assistance during military service: throughout  the lone soldier’s military service we arrive on the army base and participate in their ceremonies culminating different stage of their training.
  • Saturdays and holidays Israeli families volunteer to host lone soldiers. Some even adopt the soldiers and develop long lasting friendships.
  • Upon discharge:  lone soldiers  interested in applying for higher education, we offer our guidance   and  scholarship application.
  • Adjusting to civilian life:  both physical and emotional, we are there to advice them.
  • Finding employment: we assist the lone soldiers who have completed their studies find suitable employment.
  • Emergency visitsYahad also visits lone soldiers who are hospitalized or sick at home.