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Yachad – Organization for Lone Soldier is a volunteer organization established in order to support Israel’s young lone soldiers (soldiers with no immediate family members living in Israel). In May 2009, we officially became a non-profit organization and we registered under number: 580508448, we also have IRS approval of article 46. Yachad has I.D.F confirmation.

Our objective is to help and support IDF lone soldiers and convey the important message that the Israeli people deeply appreciate their service to their country and its citizens.

We are a nonpolitical organization. Everyone working within the organization are volunteers and receive no compensation for their time and effort.

All donations are used for the sole purpose of helping the lone soldiers and for expenses in maintaining the center.

Lone soldiers

There are currently over 6,000 lone soldiers serving in the Israeli Defense Forces, 1000 of whom are living in the greater Haifa area. Our aim is to serve the majority of these lone soldiers. They come from all over the world to defend Israel: Russia, Australia, Canada, the United States, Argentina, France and more. They share a love and concern for Israel and the Jewish people.

In the IDF, they quickly become a part of a team, and they have friends. However, when they are on leave, their fellow soldiers all go to their parents’ homes, while these young men and women, go to empty rented apartment. It is up to us to provide meals every Friday for Shabbat, set them up with host Israeli families, should they desire, and to support them throughout their service as they work to integrate into Israeli society after completing their service. Some lone soldiers prefer to share apartments . We help them acquire furniture, appliances, so these youngsters can enjoy their time off. Every Friday from 10 am-3 pm our volunteers distribute Shabbat meals to the lone soldiers, however our resources are limited.

Goals and Methodology

The day our soldiers enlist, the volunteers show up at the bus station with refreshments, and encouragement. As their service continues, we come to their graduation ceremonies when they complete different training courses. In addition, we help them find accommodations for their time off. We provide host families for the lone soldiers on Shabbat and holidays. Some of these families practically adopt these soldiers and become lifelong friends.

Throughout the year, we provide the lone soldiers meals every Friday for the weekend. We plan special events during Chanukah and Purim at local restaurants in Haifa for the lone soldiers who come from many different units. We are there for them when they finish special training courses, , and at the end of basic training. We help with apartments, furniture , moving, electrical appliances etc. We also help them through Israeli bureaucracy.

Upon completion of their army service, we help them find higher education scholarships – if they are headed to university; if they have already completed their education and are looking for work – we assist them with their job search. We are there to support them, emotionally and financially to answer all their needs.

We are reaching out to you for help expand the work we do for these young, immigrant soldiers. We are currently raising funds for our Shabbat meal program and for home appliances for the lone soldiers. Your contribution can help. We are all the family of Israel.

We look forward to helping you with any questions you may have at this time. Please visit our website for more information, to see pictures and watch our videos:


Sincerely yours,

                                                                                           YAHAD – Organization for Lone Soldier

                  Brigadier general (ret) Ami Morag






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